Special message from CEO David Kettig

Welcome from Mark Hunt

Warm welcome to Health eDeals! I am glad that you are visiting us here.

When I began working with this wonderful company in 2008, the main attraction for me was the financial stability, industry reputation and strength from its affiliation with The IHC Group. It was a great comfort knowing that with this company, there is knowledge and experience, so that you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

Fast forward a few years and the company has remained true to its mission of improving and enhancing producer training and implementing state-of-the-art technology platforms and CRM system to help stay ahead of the competition so we can be more efficient and be more. In our fast-paced industry, we need that kind of proven commitment that gives you the resources, so that you can figure out your own ‘secret sauce’ and control your own destiny.

Now, Health eDeals is a brand that attracts significant monthly visitors for potential leads resulting in sales. Whether your knack is to work as a virtual agent with the opportunity to work from any region, or prefer to be out in the field, we have a place for you. As our CEO David Kettig likes to say, we are a “publicly traded company that runs like a family business.”

I hope you will hitch your wagon onto our horses!


Mark Hunt

Senior Vice President, Sales